Nuts & Bolts

Here’s me in a nutshell:

  1. I hate cooking.
  2. I am awful at cooking.
  3. I am so awful at cooking, it took me a year in high school to learn to make mac n’ cheese.  A small magazine even published my essay about my noodle battle (because as much as I hate cooking, I love writing.)
  4. Despite Nos. 1-3, today is the first day of an experiment to improve our family’s diet because–
  5. I love my son.
  6. I also love books, and writing. I’ve worked as a writer at newspapers, magazines, and colleges and have an MFA in creative nonfiction.

When my son, Logan, was diagnosed with autism about a year ago, I felt compelled to try everything we could even if he was already high-functioning and even if we saw only modest improvements. Logan attended several therapies already, but the amount of talk out there about the mind-gut link convinced me a special diet was at least worth trying. 

And so our journey began. From GFCFSF to BED to GAPS, we began exploring whether diet would alleviate Logan’s autistic traits. We cut out dairy, gluten, sugar, soy, grains and processed foods; we added in fermented vegetables, kefir, probiotic supplements, vitamins, enzymes and minerals. Along the way, I’ve read more than I ever thought possible about the food industry, the toxins in our world and how it all affects everyone’s health. Food essays, memoirs and cookbooks have now joined the classics on my nightstand.

All in Awe is where these pieces of autism, literature and food fit together. It’s my drop into the social media sea of all things awesome, awful and, above all, awe-inspiring.